Piro Lifter

Piro Lifter

With a sleek European design and a 350-pound lift capacity, the Piro Lifter is unlike any lift mechanism on the market. This mechanism features a pedestal base with an integrated swivel stop safety feature and a modular design that lets you customise it.

Features and Benefits

  • Chair and sofa applications
  • Low-profile mechanism design
  • Dual functionality: swivels and lifts
  • Integrated swivel stop while in lift mode
  • 350-pound lift capacity
  • Multiple options for back, armrests, base, and more
  • Power only (3 motors)
  • Patented technology

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Piro Lifter Promo Video

» TAKE A LOOK at Piro Lifter and its pedestal base, which features an integrated swivel-stop safety component.